Zwischen Rausch und Gift


(Engl. between high and toxin)


Everyday life. Tristesse. Just after finishing writing the sound of the village youth, Blassfuchs are now in there mid-twenties finding themselves faced with the inevitable serious side of life.


„They always want to reason you into this ‚finding one’s self‘. As soon as possible. And we stray and wander through never-ending nights. Without a net that catches us when we fall.“


The band, based in Paderborn, gets their inspiration from trap, post-rock and synth backdrops. While working on their second EP „Zwischen Rausch und Gift“ (Engl. between high and toxin) the band took their time to concentrate intensely on the music and themselves. It took a long time working meticulously back in the studio of Simon Wangemann. Blassfuchs matured. They successfully started a crowdfunding campaign. And played many gigs. Always at the back of their minds that it has to be more for their EP. That everyone needs to tear themselves apart, so they could finally realize what has been bothering all of them for so long. 



RELEASE: "Kreislauf" (22.11.2017)

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