In the suns red-golden glow, the dancing crowd is moved through the massaging bass waves. The Berlin-based DJ duo Baumeister & Kuip fills the air with their electroacoustic music from “maintime” until “afterhour”. Their mix of melodic house and singer-songwriter creates an atmosphere of euphoria and hopefulness. A real “feel good” vibe.

The groovy house beats topped with an exceptionally distinctive tone, burn through the lenses of the Ray Ban’s and directly into the brain triggering synaptic orgasms.

Their melodies travel through the air, deeply connecting with everyone from hippie to hipster causing them to break the chains of the daily grind and enter into a state of carefree ecstasy.

The music not only shapes but also adapts to the different moods of the passing day, thus seamlessly creating an atmosphere of listening and dreaming or dancing and singing along.

And while the revelers stumble against the sunrise, the melodies of Baumeister & Kuip remain engrained in their minds and transform the entire city into an Open Air concert!



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VÖ: "CROCODILE" (06.2017)