The basis: crafted. The ingredients: electronically. 



Guitars, synthesizer, electronic-beats. And across everything, there’re rough vocals with associative lyrics. Thoughtful, ambient, ironically-straight. That's the foundation for each and every song. Since their founding in the beginning of 2016, Von Flocken played over 50 gigs and started working on their first EP. The debut single „Frühlingsfrau“, which was released in August 2017 offers a pretaste. The mastering was done by the producer Matteo Capreoli; the music video was made by the Munich director Simon Baumann. THE PICK wrote; „Confetti meets cement, multicolored rain falls on dismal decay, slow-motion pushes the pace. Time is relative, nothing is as it seems. Like the famous Alice, the six actors are dancing their way to wonderland - same with the break-out from the wintery wasteland, here helps a crazy rabbit who dances pogo with plastic palms. In the end, we all are a little bit „Frühlingsfrau“. The head nods in strict time, the feet tap with the music: repeat!